Supporting Father Involvement Program

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center Presents:

Supporting Father Involvement Program











C.O.P.E Family Support Center is committed to the enhancement and strengthening of services to children and families through supporting the involvement of positive fathers in their lives.


Discussion will include:

Individual adjustment (self-confidence, depression, anxiety).

Increase parents’ ability to work together to


problem solve and decrease conflict (co-parent relationship quality).

To increase fathers’ involvement and the use of age appropriate parenting strategies (skills and confidence in parenting).

Find ways to break negative inter-generational cycles of harsh treatment, neglect and abuse (three-generational family patterns).

Develop strategies for coping with stresses on the family including work, support or lack of support from friends and family, and family-relation policies in the surrounding community and state agencies (external stressors).


Join this exciting opportunity to become the best father you can be!

Please call: (925) 689-5811

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